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Yolen, Jane 
San Diego : Harcourt, 2000.
IL 5-8  RL 5.6
ISBN 015202557X
Boots and the Seven Leaguers is the greatest crossover band in the Kingdom.  They're also the greatest rock and roll band in the world.  You see Boots and the Seven Leaguers are trolls from the Kingdom of the Fey, or the Folk as they call themselves, but, like many other magical Folk, they've crossed over, or Out into the world of the Humans.  The band comes through the Kingdom only once a year.  Mostly they play for humans out in the Out, not for the Folk in the In.  They've won a Grammy and  a platinum record and they're so big outside the Kingdom that they don't need to play for the Folk anymore.  Some say Boots and the band play the Kingdom just because they have to come back once a year or they'll never get back In again.  Some say that staying away for an entire run of the sun locks you out of the Kingdom forever and they'd be Out there with humans instead of In with the Folk.  Humans may have electricity but they've got no power.

The annual concert of Boots and the Seven Leaguers is the start of all Gog's troubles.  He is determined to get to the concert anyway he can.  Gog and his friend, Pook, and his little brother, Magog, try to use magic to disguise themselves as roadies so they can help the band set up and then get into the concert for free.  While Gog and Pook are working, Magog is kidnapped.  Gog and Pook must use all the magic and wits they can muster to get Magog back before its too late.  Will they find Magog?  Do the get to see Boots and the band perform the hit from their latest CD?  Join Gog and Pook on the adventure of their lives in BOOTS AND THE SEVEN LEAGUERS by Jane Yolen..   (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)

SUBJECTS:     Trolls -- Fiction.
                        Kidnapping -- Fiction.


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