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Wolfe, Tom.
New York : Bantam, 1980.
ISBN 0553275569
Have you seen the movie “Top Gun?” Well, The Right Stuff is about the original Top Gun pilots.  These are the guys who survived the early days of jet planes with the high casualty rate. These are the days of the legends ­ Chuck Yeager, Gus Grissom, Pete Conrad, John Glenn.  You’ll recognize some of them as astronauts.  In your lifetime space shuttle missions have been commonplace.  The Right Stuff takes you back to the beginnings of the space race.  Sputnik embarrassed the United States.  We weren’t number 1.  We weren’t even number 1 in putting a man in space.  The Russians beat us there as well.  The Right Stuff shows us these men with all their human frailties.  Alan Shepard was the first American in space—and he peed his suit waiting for liftoff.  Gus Grissom blew the hatch on his Mercury spacecraft before the helicopter could hook on and it sank to the bottom of the ocean.  Once John Glenn orbited the earth everyone forgot that Alan Shepard had been the first American in space.  Tom Wolfe takes you behind the scenes for a close look at both the technical details of the Mercury space flights and the personal lives of the astronauts.  (Mary Huebscher, Librarian, Holy Cross of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
SUBJECTS:     Astronauts -- Biography.
                        Astronautics -- United States.


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