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Wittlinger, Ellen.
New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1999
ISBN 0689821344
This is a question for guys in the room.  How many of you have friends who are girls, not a girlfriend?  What sorts of things do you do with you girl friend(s)?  What do you think you'd do if you started liking one of them, more like a real girlfriend, and not just as a friend?  Well, that's what happens to John in Hard Love.  He's a seventeen-year-old guy who has a close friend named Marisol.  They get along great.  They see each other every weekend, go to a concert, they even go to his prom.  Before he know's it, John's feelings for Marisol start to change, and he wants to be more than her friend, but there's one problem - one big problem.  Marisol doesn't like John; in fact, she doesn't like guys period.  Marisol is a lesbian.  Now John knew this all along, and he doesn't know how he fell for her.  It just happened and now he doesn't know what to do.  What happens to John and Marisol?  Read Hard Love and find out. (Gloria Sanchez
SUBJECTS:     Authorship -- Fiction
                        Divorce -- Fiction
                        Family -- Fiction


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