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Williams, Laura E.
New York : Milkweed, 1996
IL 5-8, RL 4.8
ISBN 1571316582
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“Korinna closed her eyes, trying to ignore them. How could she promise anything? She was so confused. Her parents were harboring Jews right here, right behind her own bedroom wall! If she didn’t report them she’d be a traitor, too! Korinna heard her door close with a quiet click as her parents left her room. Lying down on her stomach, she nestled her head in her arms. Her parents were traitors. Traitors were shot” (Williams p.43).
Imagine being a young teenager having to choose between the family you love and trust and the leader of the country you live in. Not only do you have to deal with normal teenager issues of friends, boyfriends, school work, but also that of being a betrayer to your very own country or to your family. That is the case for young thirteen-year-old German girl, Korinna Rehme. She is living during the time of the Holocaust and throughout school and her Nazi youth group; she is a firm believer that Hitler is the best and is handling the “Jewish problem” in Germany the correct way.  Korinna soon finds out that her parents are not as loyal to her country or to the wonderful leader they are under. She learns that her parents are hiding a Jewish family in her very own bedroom! She is upset and continues to heil Hitler the best she knows how to do, but once she begins missing many of her youth group meetings and stops hanging out with her friends, the town beings to wonder what her family is up to and if they are still loyal to Hitler. Does Korinna value and respect her country, or has she taken her parents’ side and become a traitor to the only thing she used to believe was correct?  (Meagan Mojica,, college student)
SUBJECTS:     Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Germany -- Fiction.
                        Jews -- Germany -- Fiction.
                        Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust -- Fiction.
                        Germany -- History -- 1933-1945 -- Fiction.
                        Historical fiction.

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