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Wiesner, David.
New York: Clarion Books, 1999
IL K-3
ISBN 0395746566

(3 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

If you could make any shape of a cloud what would it be?  How would you feel if you were on a field trip and you were suddenly taken up to a flying submarine that looks like a Victorian Grand Central Station in the sky?  That is exactly what happens to a little boy visiting the Empire State building.  He visits this flying machine that makes clouds and doesn't like the way they are turning out and the clouds don't either? What would you do to make them happy?  Find out what the boy does by reading "Sector 7" by David Wiesner. It is a beautifully illustrated book with only a
couple of words in the whole book.  (Karen Womack, graduate student, <> )

Booktalk #2

I would ask children if they have ever seen pictures in the clouds and what have they seen?  Then I would set out illustrations of black and white clouds and tell as well as ask them what they see in them. I would ask them where clouds come from.  After this would follow a discussion about different types of clouds using visuals and what makes the best clouds to see objects in.  Then I would introduce this story and tell them how a boy sees and uses clouds to make life more interesting. ("Naomi Bates" <>)

Booktalk #3

If time permits a walk outside or a look out the window is in order. "What do you see in the clouds?  Can you make out any shapes?  Who do you think is making the clouds?  In this beautiful book we find out about a little boy on a field trip to a very tall building called the Empire State Building (show pictures )  while he is there a little cloud takes him to a cloud factory. The clouds are very unhappy and they need his help.   Clouds don't talk and neither does this book, look at each picture and see what he does for the clouds."  (Lisa Paton

SUBJECTS:     Clouds --  Fiction
                        Empire State Building (New York) -- Fiction
                       Stories without words


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