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Werlin, Nancy
New York : Delacorte Press, 1998.
ISBN 0385325606
Even though he's been acquitted, David Yaffe knows that's not the end of it.  Even though the jury said he was not guilty, that's not going to stop everyone else from believing he killed his girlfriend.  David knows he didn't mean to do it but who else will really believe him?  Even his parents don't seem to really believe him.  Now they have sent him to live with relatives up north to finish high school.  Even there he can't escape his past.  It had been national news and everyone seems to know the name David Yaffe.  His aunt and uncle appear to be rather distant. And his cousin Lily is definitely cold.  As the days go by, David becomes aware that something isn't right in this household.  His aunt and uncle don't talk to each other and Lily starts a campaign of harassment against David.  What is going on?  If they didn't want him to stay with them, why invite him?  And, is 11-year-old Lily hiding something?  Something to do with her older sister's suicide a few years earlier?  This book is full of secrets and terrifying psychodrama that will have you reading on into the night.
SUBJECTS:     Emotional problems -- Fiction.
                        Cousins -- Fiction.
                        Guilt -- Fiction.
                        Murder -- Fiction.
                        Family problems -- Fiction.


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