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Wells, H. G.
New York : Bantam, 1991
ISBN 044180263X

2 booktalks

Booktalk #1

What awaits mankind in the future?  Will we become the ultimate masters of our world in a Utopian society where our sole purpose is to eat, sleep, play, and make love, or will be become slaves or cattle to a more powerful species?  Wouldn't you like to know? What if we could jump ahead in time and find out?  What if it were possible to move forward and backward through time as easily as it is to move North or South, East or West, or up or down?  Time is just another dimension, to H G Wells' Time Traveller, who recounts the story of his adventures in this fourth dimension.  Love and compassion, violence and loathing, and unexpected twists and turns make this an enthralling story of technological opportunities and realizations that may await us in our own future.  (Brian Blum,

Booktalk #2

Join us for a quiet dinner party.  Several friends are gathered about having a good time.  The host begins to tell the others about his theory of time travel.  He goes into detail but his friends don't believe him.  He shows them a small model of a time machine he has built and demonstrates the device using a cigar as the time traveler.  He pushes the lever forward and the machine disappears.  His friends believe it's a trick and laugh it off.  After everyone leaves, the scientist goes into another room where he has build a full size time machine.  He climbs in, pushes the lever forward and begins a journey into time that no one could foresee.  Join our hero and he travels in THE TIME MACHINE.

SUBJECTS:     Space and time -- Fiction
                        Science fiction
                        Imaginary voyages -- Fiction


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