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Walker, Alice
New York : Harcourt Brace, 1992
ISBN 0151191549

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Celie is a poor black girl living in rural Georgia. Her life is a series of heartaches.  She is forced to care for her younger siblings.  She has been raped by her father and has had two babies by the time she is fourteen.  Both babies are gone.  Her father has sold them.  When she is twenty, her father marries her off to Albert, a cruel, weak man who abuses her.  Celie's only hope is that her sister Nettie has escaped and is living a good life.  Celie writes to her sister year after year but never gets any letters back.  She begins to believe that her sister has died.  Celie finds a friend in an unexpected place -- Albert's mistress, Shug Avery.  Shug takes Celie under her wing and shows her love and kindness.  Shug encourages Celie to start taking control of her own life and not let herself be abused by Albert.  Can Celie find the strength to become independent?  Will Albert let her?

Booktalk #2

The color purple is about a black twenty year old girl named Celie whose mother has died. She has been raped and had a child who has been given away. She has always been considered the ugly sister and the unsmart child. She is then given to a man whose wife has recently died they had three kids so she is faced with raising three kids who donít really like her. She always gives in and never fights for herself her new husbands son decides he wants to get married to a young girl of course he is young to. They were doing very well until Harpo the husbandís son gets married and his dad tells him he needs to beat his wife Carrie so she will listen to him. Everything is shook up the town hussy. But surprisingly Celie the main character looks up to Shug Avery the town hussy. Will Celie get a back bone and stand up for her self or will she continue to be walked all over?    (Megan Garrison, Mansfield High school student)

SUBJECTS:     African American women -- Fiction
                        Sisters -- Fiction


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