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Vrabel, Beth.
New York : Sky Pony Press, 2014
IL 3-6, RL 4.7

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Booktalk #1

Lucy starts out as one of the coolest kids in school, and overnight, due to one unfortunate event, becomes one of the lamest. In coping with her younger sisterís special needs and being forced to find new friends, she learns that choosing between popularity and being herself, no matter how dorky, might not be such a challenge after all.
   (Booktalk by the Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Committee)

Booktalk #2

Lucy and her best friend Becky have a plan. They are going to kiss their boyfriends behind the shed at recess. But at the last second, Lucy wants to change her mind. She doesnít quite, but she doesnít put her heart into that kiss either, and her boyfriend Tom can tell, but he gives her the dime store ring anyway. That night her momís gives birth to er new baby sister, but something isnít quite ok with the baby, though nobodyís really telling Lucy what. She forgets that ring at the hospital, and when she comes back to school a few days later, just like that, Lucy is an outcast. Becky plays mean girl, Tom isnít her boyfriend anymore, and Lucy has to find a new crowd to sit with at lunch, the dorks. With her super cool granny helping her navigate the messiness of 4th grade cliques and friendships and a great cast of characters, youíll be glad you got to know this pack of dorks.  (Booktalk by Great Stone Face Award Committee, 2017)

Booktalk #3

What would you do to be popular? Kiss a boy? Make fun of other kids in your class? Make sure that you act and dress and talk exactly like the Queen Bee? Well, thatís what Lucy has to decide in Pack of Dorks. One bad decision costs her everything, or does it? After she plummets from the top of the fourth grade social ladder, Lucy has to figure out where she fits in at school, where no one is talking to her, and at home, where her family is absorbed with her new baby sister, and what kind of person she wants to be. Lucy applies what she learns from her school project on wolf packs to her life, and learns to make choices for herself in a pack of her own. (Prepared by: Charlotte Evans, Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School,, South Carolina Book Awards, 2017)

SUBJECTS:     Bullying -- Fiction.
                        Friendship -- Fiction.
                        Interpersonal relations -- Fiction.
                        Schools -- Fiction.

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