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Van Pelt, James
Fairwood Press, 2002.
ISBN 0966818458
"What really tickles me, though, is that none of you young men think of the woman," the wizard remarked.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"The woman might already love the man." Both the man and woman might pay, he explained, or two men might both want the love of the same woman. There was one instance where two men came back nine times for the same woman. After giving up all their fingers (the price included a sacrifice of a finger as well as gold after all), one of them even gave up his arm.

"What of HER free will?" I asked the wizard.

He paused in honing his blade. "You don't know much about love."

"I want my gold back."

And got it, less the consulting fee.
"...when you fell in love with her, where was your free will?" he remarked as I rose. "I'll always be here, boy. You won't be the first to come back a second time."

He was wrong. He hadn't seen that extra instant when our eyes met that afternoon. He was wrong!?

Sam Marsh  (Colorado Blue Spruce Children's Award)



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