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Timberlake, Amy
New York : Knopf, 2013
IL 5-8, RL 4.9

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Booktalk #1

Georgie Burkhardt is known for two things: her uncanny aim with a rifle and her habit of speaking her mind plainly.  When she sees her sister kissing an old boyfriend, she feels she must tell her current beau.  In 1871, a kiss is not a small thing.  And Mr. Olmstead promptly breaks off his relationship with Agatha.  In turn, Agatha runs away.  Georgie is very upset but things get worse when the Sheriff returns with a body that he says is Agatha.  Georgie won't believe that and sets off in search of her sister.  Along the way, she encounters wild animals, counterfeiters and even a marriage proposal.  But can she find Agatha?  Or is she really gone?

Booktalk #2

It is 1871, and Georgieís older sister Agatha has disappeared. When the town sheriff brings home an unidentifiable body clothed in Agathaís blue-green gown, everyone but Georgie accepts that Agatha is dead. With the help of Agathaís former suitor, Billy McCabe, Georgie sets off on a dangerous journey to track down her sister and to bring her back home to Placid, Wisconsin.
Georgie, the best shot in Placid, demonstrates bravery throughout her exciting journey. She chases away a terrifying cougar, confronts counterfeiters, and even saves Billyís life. Unfortunately, her quest to discover the truth about her sister only leads to more questions when she learns that another young woman, who strongly resembles her sister, has also disappeared. When Billy is badly injured, their adventure must come to an abrupt end, and Georgie disappointingly heads home. The mystery is solved when Georgie receives a letter from Agatha, who explains that she ran away to attend college. While Georgie fails to bring her sister back home, her journey is by no means a failure. It leads her to discover many truths about the world and about herself. 
  (Vermont Dorothy Canfield Fisher award, 2015)

Booktalk #3

In this historical fiction, adventure mystery, follow Georgie as she pursues the truth of her sisterís disappearance.  Set in Placid, Wisconsin in 1871, during the largest recorded pigeon migration, Agatha has run off after misguided words by Georgie.  The sheriff later finds a body wearing Agathaís dress.  Convinced that it could not really be her sister, Georgie takes off herself to find the truth and along the way runs into several hair-raising adventures.  Itís a good thing that Georgie is really good with a shotgun but can she outwit them all to find the truth and return home?  (Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award, 2015)

Booktalk #4

Neither Georgie nor Agatha is a typical girl of 1871; Georgie is a sharpshooter with no desire to marry, and her sister dreams of higher education. Agatha runs away with a group of men who are passing through the area to hunt the record-breaking gathering of passenger pigeons in the area, and the remains of her body are soon returned to the town with little explanation. Unable to accept her sisterís death, Georgie goes on a mission to discover what really happened.  (Booktalk by Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Committee, 2016)

SUBJECTS:     Missing persons --Fiction
                        Frontier and pioneer life -- Wisconsin -- Fiction.
                        Sharpshooters -- Fiction.
                        Counterfeits and counterfeiting -- Fiction.
                        Wisconsin -- History -- 19th century -- Fiction.
                        Historical fiction.

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