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Taylor, Theodore

New York : Avon, 1970.
IL 5-8 RL 6.3
ISBN 0385079060
(3 booktalks)
Booktalk #1

Phillip's life starts off fairly routine. During World War II, his father is a petroleum engineer on Curacao . He goes to school, has school buddies and asks a lot of why questions. When his mom decides life would be safer back in Virginia, she boards a liner with Phillip. A shipwreck washes Phillip up on a raft with an old, very old, Timothy, a Caribbean shiphand who has a lot to show Phillip to prepare him for survival on the uninhabited island too small to be even a speck on the map of Devil's Mouth area.

Booktalk #2

What would you do if you got stuck on island with a stranger? Well thatís what happened in the book, the Cay.  A boy named Phillip gets in a shipwreck. He gets knocked into the water and an old black ship hand, Timothy, pulls him aboard a raft. They drift away into the Ocean. During this time Phillip becomes blind, but they eventually find an island.
 On the island Timothy became the most important teacher Phillip has ever had. He teaches Phillip how to see without his vision. He taught Phillip how to feed himself and walk freely around the island without him watching his ever move. On the island they set up a signal fire just incase a boat or an aircraft passed.
 I don't like to read much but, this book really got me hooked. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I was surprised by all the twist in the book. I recommend this book to people who like drama and adventure books. Boys and girls would both like this book and, I think most people would enjoy this book.  (Evan, K-12 student)

Booktalk #3

The Cay is about Philip a young boy being saved by timothy a Jamaican man from a ship wreck when Philip wakes up he finds himself with timothy on a piece of driftwood in the middle of the ocean. Eventually they are washed up on the island of the Cay.

There Timothy and Philip face obstacles such as malaria, thirst, hunger, weather, and for young Philip blindness. Then one day a hurricane sweeps across the island causing something terrible to happen. 

SUBJECTS:     Caribbean Area  -- Fiction
                        Survival  -- Fiction
                        Race relations  -- Fiction
                        Blind  -- Fiction


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