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Tarshis, Lauren.
New York : Scholastic, 2010
IL 3-6, RL 3.9
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Ten year old George was so excited. He and his younger sister Phoebe and Aunt Daisy were enjoying their stay aboard the greatest ship in the world, the Titanic. They had spent two months in England, and now they were on their way back to their home in New York. There was so much to see on this enormous ship. It was the largest moving structure in the world. It was fourteen stories high and was longer than four city blocks. George had a ton of fun exploring everywhere.  One day, he even got to meet the captain of the ship who talked to him about special features of the ship. George had heard that Mr. Burrows, a passenger, had a mummy and that it was stored in the first class baggage room. He  would have to see it. He sneaked out of his room late at night and went to the baggage room. There it was. A wooden crate with the passengerís name. Could the mummy be in there?  He started to pry on the wooden lid with his pocket knife, but then he was shoved down. A man with a large scar on his face knocked the knife out of his hand. As the man talked to him, he realized he was a thief and wanted to get the keys to his room.  Suddenly, there was tremendous rumbling and a jarring jolt and a box fell on the thiefís head. George ran away from the baggage room as fast as he could. Something seemed to be happening to the ship. There were jolts so strong that George almost fell. The passengers realized that the Titanic had scraped an iceberg. At first people didnít seem to be too worried, but soon, the unthinkable was happening. Water was pouring into the ship!  The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, but it was now unmistakable, it was going down. Phoebe and Aunt Daisy had managed to leave on one of the lifeboats, but George was still stranded aboard the Titanic. It was panic and chaos aboard the sinking ship. He felt so very afraid and alone. The situation was desperate. What could he and the other passengers do?  (May Harn Liu, Email Address:, Status librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Historical fiction.
                        Ocean travel -- Fiction.
                        Shipwrecks -- Fiction.
                        Titanic (Steamship) -- Fiction.

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