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Takacs, Dalma.
New York: Writer's Showcase, iUniverse, Inc., 2002
IL YA  RL 8.0
ISBN 0595211550
When fifteen-year-old Aggie goes on a school trip to England, she is taking with her baggage that does not fit in her duffle bag. The things that weigh on her mind cannot be tucked away in the luggage compartment. She has lost her beloved father who has made her love the plays of Shakespeare. Her mother has married Jim, a man she barely knows, and made Aggie move into Jim's house and go to a strange new school. Aggie has made new friends, but deep down she knows they are the wrong friends. She should have befriended Tammy, but Paul and her other popular friends make fun of Tammy. She is thrilled to see England, her father's favorite haunt, but to be able to go on the trip, she has done something she is deeply ashamed of. She feels like Shakespeare's Macbeth: terrified of what she has done, but unable to put things right.

In London, Aggie gets lost in a tall office building somewhere near the site of Shakespeare's Globe theatre. She stumbles into a mysterious elevator that takes her back in time to Shakespeare's England. Wearing a heavy Elizabethan dress, she is alone in a strange world where people enjoy beautiful music and dancing and plays. But it's a world where strangers without a home are branded as vagabonds. Aggie finds a true friend; she is Catherine, the daughter of a Stratford glove maker.  Both girls love plays, and they both enjoy making up stories about witches. But how will they escape the dangers of the world around them? The year is 1605; the Puritans are preaching against the evils of plays and other forms of sinful pleasure. The people of Stratford are superstitious and believe in witchcraft, and the country is buzzing with rumors of plots against the government. (Dalma Takacs,

SUBJECTS:     Self-perception - Fiction.
                        Peer pressure -- Fiction.
                        Bereavement -- Fiction.
                        Adolescence -- Fiction.
                        Shakespeare, William -- Fiction.
                        Renaissance England -- Fiction


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