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Taback, Simms.
New York: Viking, 1999
IL K-3 RL 2.0
ISBN 0670878553
(3 booktalks)
Booktalk #1

I would have an old colorful jacket to show the kids. How many things could be made from this  overcoat? Name some of the items you could make?

Joseph has an old worn overcoat that he recycles into many different items like a jacket, a vest, a scarf and many more.  You must read this festive and fun book to see what Joseph comes up with?  The pages are bright and colorful with cut-out shapes on several pages.  When you look at the cut-outs maybe you can guess what item Joseph will make next. Enjoy this funny and humorous book. (Karen Womack, graduate student,  <> )

Booktalk #2

Can you imagine a piece of clothing that shrinks until it totally disappears but then becomes something entirely different and wonderful?  Put this tale in a book with "windows" and brightly colored surprises on almost every page and you have a 'must read' delight for your mind and your eyes.  (Jeannie Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards)

Booktalk #3

I would start with my famous quarter trick, where I make a quarter disappear and pull it out from a child's ear, then say, "You can always make something out of nothing."  After that, I would pull out a piece of old woolen cloth and ask children where they think this came from.  Following this would be a discussion about what I could now use the cloth for.  A brief introduction of this book would follow and show the parallel between this man and what he did with his old coat. ("Naomi Bates" <>)

SUBJECTS:     Coats -- Fiction
                        Clothing and dress -- Fiction
                        Toy and moveable books


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