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Sundquist, Josh.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2014

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

“When I was twenty-five years old, it came to my attention that I had never had a girlfriend.” So begins Josh Sundquist’s quasi-scientific quest to revisit each of his almost-relationships, formulate a hypothesis about what went wrong, and reach some conclusions about his girlfriend-less state. His investigative process involves tracking each girl down and meeting up for a platonic lunch date, where he attempts to pin down the reasons why they never attained boyfriend-girlfriend status. Along the way he addresses his own insecurities about growing up as an amputee (he lost one of his legs to Ewing’s sarcoma at age 9), despite his subsequent success as a Paralympic skier. His candid, self-deprecating recollections of the many times his artificial leg landed him in awkward situations on dates are among the book’s funniest. Sprinkled throughout are charts and graphs that Josh uses to illustrate his problems with girls. This is a hilariously cringe-inducing memoir about one young man’s quest to fill the “girlfriend-shaped hole in [his] heart.” Pick up this book if you are a fan of Aaron Hartzler's Rapture Practice or Don Calame's rowdy Swim the Fly series. 
  (Booktalk by Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Committee)

Booktalk #2

Well, I just got to tell you I am just as proud as a peacock of my Grandson Josh. Not only is he a Paralympic skier, he is a published author. How about that? My grandson is a published author. This is his book. (Show book: read title) Now let me tell y’all my Josh is a good boy but, I got plum embarrassed myself just reading about some of his most embarrassing memories. You know I don’t think he thought I’d read about that, do you? He talks all about his experiences with girls but his mama and daddy raised him right so don’t be expecting any hot and steamy scenes in his book just some real, straight talk about relationships. Now I always say when it comes to relationships, all women are crazy and all men are stupid. Josh talks all about how he just can’t figure girls out which kind’a proves my point, doesn’t it? But I really think this book might help boys understand girls a little better or at least let them know they aren’t the only ones who are totally dumbfounded when it comes to the female gender and teenage girls might get a better understanding about teenage boys. Oh, this is Josh right now. You know he bought this fancy phone just so he could text me. Anyway, let me see if I can read this tiny writing. “Grammie I heard you were going all over the place telling people that you’re my Grammie and talking all about my book. Now I know you love me and you’re proud of me but please stop, you’re embarrassing me. See you Easter (or upcoming holiday). Love you lots, Josh!” Well, shut my mouth. Try to help out and this is the thanks you get. I just don’t get any respect. You’d think he’d appreciate my help, wouldn’t ya. (Mumble away) or Y’all enjoy your meeting now. Note: Use Grammie, Auntie, Sis, buddy as appropriate to the book talker. (Prepared by: Carol Ross, Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology, South Carolina Young Adult Book nominee 2017)

SUBJECTS:     Cancer -- Patients -- Biography.
                        Ewing's sarcoma -- Patients -- Biography.
                        Motivational speakers -- Biography.
                        People with physical disabilities -- Biography.
                        Skiers -- Biography.
                        Sundquist, Josh.

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