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Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie.
New York : Lee & Low, 2003.
IL K-3
ISBN 1584300582

(3 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Bernardi has two things that he wishes for.  One is to go to school like the other boys in his village.  The other is to own a soccer ball.  But there is not enough money for either wish.  Bernardi lives with his grandfather Babu.  Babu can no longer speak and he makes his meager living making small toys that Bernardi sells to tourists.  Will Bernardi's wishes ever come true?

Booktalk #2

Bernardi is a young boy who lives in Tanzania. Like many of you, he loves to play soccer. Bernardi also loves his grandfather, Babu. Although Babu has lost his ability to speak, he is still able to make extraordinary toys out of scraps of wood which he sells for a living. The two have just enough to live on, but not enough for extras like school tuition or soccer balls. One night Babu surprises Bernardi with a special gift, a music box. When a tourist offers to buy the music box, Bernardi has mixed feelings about giving it up. What should Bernardi do? Read Babuís Song to discover how Bernardi solves this dilemma.  (Jean B. Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2004-2005)

Booktalk #3

Bernardi and his grandfather, Babu, are poor inhabitants of  Tanzania . Bernadi wants to play soccer and go to school, but because Babu canít afford a soccer ball or school tuition, Bernadi contents himself with playing soccer with the children in the school yard and selling in the market the wonderful toys his mute grandfather makes. When Babu creates a special music box out of a lard tin that tinkles out their favorite tune, Bernardi has no intention of selling it. But a persistent tourist makes him an offer he literally cannot refuse. Impatient to use some of the money to buy a soccer ball, Bernardi finds that he canít spend the money on himself since Babuís talented toy-making earned it. Sad and guilt-ridden, Bernardi returns home and confesses to Babu what he has done. After considering Bernardiís plight, Babu breaks into a smile and signals Bernardi to wait in the house until he returns. What Babu brings upon his return realizes Bernardiís dreams and reveals to readers the love and warmth that the members of this non-traditional family share. (Prepared by:  Michelle H. Martin, SCASL Picture Book Awards)

SUBJECTS:     Grandfathers -- Fiction.
                        Schools -- Fiction.
                        Soccer -- Fiction.
                        Music box -- Fiction.
                        Mute persons -- Fiction.
                        People with disabilities -- Fiction.
                        Blacks -- Tanzania -- Fiction.
                        Tanzania -- Fiction.


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