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Strasser, Todd.
New York : Dell, 1983
ISBN 044097318X
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    Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.  This is the world of Gary Specter.  Gary is the lead singer and guitarist of the Electric Outlet.  His big dream is to make it big in the New York music scene.  He is joined by Susan, his first cousin, on bass; Oscar, a prematurely balding, classically-trained musician, on keyboards; and Karl, a pothead with an acne problem, on drums.  They are the house band at the Rock Garden, a club that was formerly a Chinese restaurant.  (It still smells of chop suey.)  But, hey, itís a steady gig, and itís really the music that matters.
                    "It seemed miraculous to Gary how playing rock and roll, even the anticipation of playing rock and roll, always changed Karl and Oscar from weird, depressed crazies into eager, happy crazies.  Almost every musician Gary knew was that way.  Some were on the verge of being totally berserk except when they were playing rock.  Rock was sanity, safer than Valium, more effective than seeing a shrink twice a week, and generally more fun than being committed to a mental institution.  It was a kind of therapy.  Rock-and-roll therapy.  Gary had even written a song about it, the one the band always opened its sets with."
                    But Gary has more to deal with than making it in the music business.  Heís about to graduate from high school, his mother worries about everything, and he has a rather sick infatuation with Susan (yes, his first cousin).  See how the band is doing and if they get a break when you read Todd Strasserís Rock Ďní Roll Nights.  (Kelly Knight,,  USC School of Library and Information Science)
SUBJECTS:       Rock music -- Fiction.
                          Musicians -- Fiction


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