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Stone, Jeffrey S.
New York : Random, 2005.
IL 5-8
ISBN 0375830715

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Set in 17th century China, the first of the Five Ancestors series follows five young monks who are schooled in various forms of kung fu.  The young monks live at the Cangzhen Temple with thier revered Grandmaster who has taught them the animal kung fu.  But a former student has left the temple and vowed to kill the Grandmaster.  When Ying returns, the Grandmaster successfully protects the brothers but the temple is destroyed and valuable scrolls are stolen.  Young Fu, a twelve year old monk who has mastered tiger kung fu is separated from his brothers but will do anything to retrieve the scrolls and extract revenge on Ying.

Booktalk #2

Fu “The Tiger” is a trained kung fu warrior.  He is strong and skilled.  Grandmaster has done his job well.  When the temple comes under attack, Fu and his foster brothers must survive at all costs.  He will need all his skills, courage, and knowledge to defeat his renegade older brother, Ying.  How could Ying destroy the only home Fu has ever known?  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face 2007)

SUBJECTS:    Martial arts -- Fiction.
                        Brothers -- Fiction.
                        Human-animal relationships -- Fiction.


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