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Stewart, Melissa.
New York : Sterling, 2014
IL K-3, RL 2.3
ISBN 1402777930

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Can you imagine being able to run at such a fast speed that you can catch up to a car driving on a highway at 64 miles per hour?  There is an animal that can run that swiftly Ė the cheetah. Have you heard of the aardvark? Itís a burrowing, nocturnal animal from Africa that feeds on ants and termites. Can you believe that this creature can dig a tunnel faster than a group of men with shovels? This will sound incredible, but do you know that thereís a creature that can even run on water? The basilisk lizard darts across water at such an unbelievable speed that it wonít sink in. You might be wondering about sea creatures. The cheetah is the fastest animal on land, but in the ocean, the sailfish is the fastest swimmer in the world. It can swim at 68 mph, speeding so rapidly to catch smaller fish. Can you guess which animal can run the fastest on two legs? The ostrich with its powerful legs can run at 43 mph. The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world. It can dive at more than 200 mph to catch food! Insects will surprise you. Do you know that the wings on bees move at 200 mph per second? Even more astonishing, the wings on gnats move at 1,000 mph. per second. Discover more amazing animal facts in this book  (May Harn Liu, librarian)

SUBJECTS:    Animal locomotion.
                        Readers (Elementary)

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