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Stewart, Melissa.

New York : Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2009
IL 3-6, WL 5.8
ISBN 0761429239

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Are you astonished that something as delicious as honey is made by insects we know as bees? There are thousands of different kinds of bees, but only seven types of bees can produce honey. These are called honeybees.  It’s thought that bees lived in Africa around one hundred million years ago. Today, bees live on every continent, except Antarctica. History shows that people have been gathering honey from beehives for at least ten thousand years. How in the world do bees make honey? Well, it all starts as the honeybee collects a sweet , thin, runny liquid called nectar from around one hundred flowers. Most of the nectar flows down a tube to the bee’s honey sac so it can be carried back to the hive. Honeybees live in well organized colonies. Different kinds of bees have different types of duties. Some of these bees help to make the honey.  You got to read this book to learn about the sweet, cool facts about bees and honey.  (May Harn Liu,, librarian)

SUBJECTS:    Honey.

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