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Smith, Jeff.
New York : Graphix, 2005
IL 3-6, RL 6.3
ISBN 0439706408
(2 booktalks)
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Booktalk #1

The Bone cousins have been chased out of Boneville.  Unfortunately, they have become separated while they were in the desert.  Well, don't worry too much.  One by one they find themselves in a wondrous forest.  They do find each other again.  They do reunite.  But that is certainly not the end of the story.  If you enjoy graphic novels, give this one a try.  You'll find yourself waiting for volume 2 to arrive!

Booktalk #2

It has been almost 2 weeks since the Bone cousins got kicked out of Boneville. In Bone Book One: Out from Boneville, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone are looking for shelter. They are trapped in a desert surrounded by miles of dryness. They are begging to have food, water, and other resources. All of this is because of Phoney Bone, the greedy brat of the gang. Our other characters are Fone Bone who is the strength of the gang, and Smiley Bone, the dunce of the gang. Together they will embark on an adventure that will change their lives. Will they escape the dessert or die of starvation? Find out in Bone #1: Out from Boneville.  (Warren T., Hancock School)

SUBJECTS:     Cousins -- Fiction.
                        Cartoons and comics.
                        Graphic novels.


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