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Scieszka, Jon.
New York : Viking, 2008
IL 3-6, RL 4.6
ISBN 0670011061

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Booktalk #1

Find out what made the Scieszka household work. Each boy had a color and all their shirts were the same color. Jon Scieszka still hates the color brown today. There was the family Christmas photo production where the six boys were all dressed the same. Then there was the smell in the basement, the time Jim and Jon tried to put the metal coil heater out by peeing on it. Read the hilarious escapes that happened while growing up with six boys in the Scieszka family.  (Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards Program, 2009-2010)

Booktalk #2

You remember Jon Scieszka right? From when you were a rug-rat? The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs; The Stinky Cheese Man? Thatscieszka.  If you ever wondered what kind of crazy, twisted brain could create these stories, wonder no more: The true (okay, mostly true) story of Jon scieszka's child hood is here.

Back when you were a yard ape, did you ever
·         Have your brother try to sell you your own shirt?
·         Tied your little brother to his bed with your dad’s ties?
·         Made a list of all the bad words you know. For your teacher. Who is a NUN?
·         Know what the rectum joke is?

Jon Scieszka does and has, which is no doubt why his dad called him a knucklehead. Because you know, he and his five brothers? Kind of are.  Knucklehead is Jon’s side of the story.

So, do you want to hear the rectum joke? Jon’s mom told it to her sons at the dinner table one night:

“Little Jonny stood up in class on one day to read his report: ‘I saw two dogs running. One ran right into the other one’s butt and knocked him off a cliff.’ ‘Oh, Johnny, said the teacher, “ we don’t say butt. We say rectum’ “Rectum?” said Johnny. It darn near killed ‘em!"

Need a good belly laugh? Check out Jon Scieszka's Knucklehead. (The Washington Evergreen Young Adult Book Award, 2011)

SUBJECTS:     Scieszka, Jon.
                        Authors, American.

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