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Schraff, Anne.
West Berlin, NJ : Townsend Press, 2002.
ISBN 0944210023

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Could things get much worse?  Darcy has been assigned to work with Tarah on a science project at school.  Tarah is the kind of girl that Darcy avoids.  Real trash.  And loud.  Why would the teacher do that to her?  She needs her grade and doesn't want to be brought down by this type of girl.   Doesn't she have enough problems at home?  Grandma has had a stroke and is just not the same anymore.  Mom has to work extra hours since Dad left and now Mom is tired all the time.  And Jamee has started hanging around with some wild kids.  To top it all off, a man in a silver Toyota has been showing up at all the places Darcy goes.  What is going on here?

Booktalk #2

                         Darcy Wills needs help. After she found a threatening note in her desk at Bluford High School, a strange man seems to be stalking her. Her sister has disappeared, and she wonders if she will be next. Who should she turn to for help? Darcy's mother is always at  work, her grandmother is too sick, and her father left the them years earlier. Can she trust anyone at school? Darcy must decide- who can help save her sister and herself before it is too late?
                         "Suddenly the door of the sedan opened. The driver swung a leg out. He was getting out of the car! Darcy looked around the empty street desperately. Maybe she should just take off running. But what if he chased her? What if he had a gun and shot at her while she ran? She could not outrun a bullet!" (Schraff 43).  (Mark Todd,, Creek Bridge Media Center, Marion, SC, USA)

SUBJECTS:     High schools -- Fiction.
                        African Americans -- Fiction.


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