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Scarbrough, Joyce Sterling,
PublishAmerica, 2003.
ISBN 1591299934
"Someday, she'll be my girl."

At the fifth grade honors program, three eleven-year-old boys are captivated by a smart girl named Jeana Russell when she recites the poem she wrote.  They know Jeana is a special girl, and each boy secretly vows to win her heart.  Fast forward to the foursome's sophomore year in high school and Jeana's relationships with the boys is complex and emotional.

Jeana refuses to be anyone but herself--a smart girl who thinks she'll never find a boy like the men in the books she loves to read.  But when Mickey moves back to Alabama from Washington after the death of his father, Jeana is baffled by her instant attraction to this three-sport athlete with the bluest eyes she's ever seen.  When she discovers he is also honest, dedicated, and a whiz at math, she thinks she's finally found the hero of her dreams.

The other two boys who love her are Wade and Billy Joe, Jeana's childhood friends.  Wade is the reigning football phenom until Mickey arrives, and he and Mickey are set on a path to violence from their first meeting.  Wade is also the first boy Jeana ever kissed, but when he moved away to a nicer neighborhood and new friends, he became an arrogant, Corvette-driving jerk.  Jeana can't forgive him for a cruel remark he made about her in middle school, but she also can't seem to forget how sweet he used to be and suspects there's something haunting him that he's hiding from everyone.  Billy Joe is Jeana's curly-haired best friend, and he bonds with Mickey instantly because of their shared dislike for Wade.  He keeps his feelings for Jeana a secret because he doesn't want it to ruin their friendship, but his love for her is clear to everyone but Jeana.  How will the lives of these four teenagers be changed on their journey to adulthood, and which boy will succeed in winning Jeana's heart?  ("Tracy Fettinger" <>)

SUBJECTS:     Romance -- Fiction.
                        School -- Fiction.


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