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Rossi, Veronica. 
New York : Harper, 2012

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The world as we know it has been decimated.  There are two sets of people living on it, the Dwellers and the Outsiders.  Aria is a Dweller, she lives in a Pod and has a Smarteye that transports her to other pods, and is a lifeline to everything.  Patch is an Outsider, he is gifted with the ability to smell people’s emotions, words, and it makes him a great hunter.  Aria’s mother is a researcher on another pod, and Aria knows something has gone wrong because they have had no communication through the Smarteye for weeks.  She attempts to use another Dweller to help her find more information about her mother.  The attempt goes catastrophically wrong, and Aria is attacked by this other dweller.  Patch sneaks in looking for food and supplies and stops the attack on Aria, but can’t stop Aria’s expulsion from her world.  In Patch’s world, things are harsh, the Ether causes colors and the atmosphere to be deadly.  Every tribe lives the best they can, and Patch’s brother is his tribes’ leader.  On a sunny day, Patch is attacked while with his nephew Talon.  The Dweller police take Talon and leave Patch.  He leaves the tribe in disgrace and sets out to save Talon.  He and Aria meet, and hatch a plan, he’ll help her survive the Outside world and get back to the Pods if she helps him save Talon.  They discover a heinous plan that the Dweller world has hatched and how outsiders are cooperating.  They also discover love on their adventure as this unlikely pair realize that sometimes the most opposites can find common ground. Excellent storytelling, gripping plot with unexpected twists.  Both Patch and Aria speak in the novel, so you get the full story.

(Tobye Ertelt, Colorado Blue Spruce Award nominee, 2014)

SUBJECTS:     Teenagers -- Fiction.
                        Survival -- Fiction.
                        Dystopias -- Fiction.
                        Adventure and adventurers -- Fiction.
                        Love -- Fiction.
                        Adventure fiction.
                        Love stories.
                        Fantasy fiction.

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