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Rodgers, Mary
New York : Harper, 1972.
IL 5-8 RL 6.0
ISBN 0060250488
Have you ever wished that you could change places with someone for just one day? Annabel Andrews does. She is tired of all her mother's rules. She doesn't understand why her mother won't let her live on marshmallows and stay out with her friends. When Annabel wakes up in her mother's body, she is amazed. She wants to make the most of it and pretends to be her mother. She tries to take care of the laundry and the cooking but finds out things are harder than they look. When she meets with Annabel's teachers, she is amazed that they really do care about her and want her to live up to her potential. Annabel (as her mother) vows to the teachers that Annabel will turn herself around. Annabel wonders what her mother has been doing all day as Annabel. Find out how this tale end. Read FREAKY FRIDAY by Mary Rodgers.
SUBJECTS:     Mothers and daughters -- Fiction



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