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Reeve, Philip.
New York : Eos, 2003
ISBN 0060721944
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Tom and Hester have escaped about their airship but now find themselves pursued.  When they manage to avoid capture they turn their ship north and come across the city of Anchorage.  One of the earliest traction city, Anchorage is one of the few non-predator cities.  But the city is in bad shape.  Most of the inhabitants have been killed and the few that remain are being led by a young girl who has been thrust into the role of leader with the death of her parents.  Unsure of how to rule the city and knowing that they are being hunting by the fierce predator city Arkangel, Freya makes a bold decision.  Anchorage will navigate towards the Dead Continent.  Freya has read Professor Pennyroyal's books about America and she believes that there is hope there.  When Tom, Hester and Professor Pennyroyal arrive on Anchorage, she is convinced that this is the correct course for her beloved city.  Little does she know that it will not be as easy as she thinks.  They still have to outrun Arkangle and actually find America.  Non-stop action and the introduction of some new and interesting characters will delight fans of the Hungry City Chronicles.
SUBJECTS:     Science fiction.
                        Cities and towns --  Fiction.


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