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Redmond, Shirley-Raye.
New York : Aladdin, 2003
IL K-3, RL 2.8
ISBN 0689854862
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Have you heard of G. I. Joe, the brave military pigeon that saved many lives during World War II? The British Fifty-Sixth brigade marched into a town in Italy. They were there to fight German soldiers. American war planes would help the British by bombing the area. But to the surprise of the British forces, the Germans had fled and the people in town did not want to fight. So the British took over the town peacefully, but now they had to stop the American planes from bombing the town. The British tried sending a radio message, but the radio was not working and the telegraph was down. What could they do? Fortunately, they had G. I. Joe. The soldiers wrote a message and put it into s small tube. The tube was tied to the pigeonís leg. Joe knew what to do. He flew speedily and high to avoid the Germans who were shooting at him. He swiftly avoided the hawk that was trying to get him. It turned dark and it rained, but Joe kept flying until he arrived at the American air base. The pilots were on the runway ready to leave, but a soldier saw Joe and read the message. The bombing raid was called off just in time. When the war ended, Joe went to London where he was given a medal. Then Joe went to live in a zoo in Detroit. Many people came to visit him. Find out more about the true story of this hero pigeon that carried messages for the British and American soldiers.  (May Harn Liu,,  librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Homing pigeons -- Fiction.
                        Pigeons -- Fiction.
                        World War, 1939-1945 -- Italy -- Fiction.
                        Historical fiction.

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