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Read, Piers Paul
New York : Lippincott, 1974.
ISBN 038000321X 
After gliding across the snow and hitting a rock, the plane had finally stopped. Screams of terror and cries for help was all I could hear. I, Robert Canessa, a medical student and part of the rugby team that chartered this plane, had to help. As I look around, I see people with blood from head to toe. I see people crying. I see people scared. We had crashed into the Cordillera in the Andes Mountain. Thirty two people had survived the crash. There were 45 people on the plane. We have barely any food. Some of us are hurt really badly. We need help. Our food won't last long and the radio doesn't work. The temperatures are extremely low. I don't know how long we can last. To see what the rugby team suffers through and what lengths they will go to in order to survive in the Andes Mountains, read ALIVE by Piers Paul Read. (Colin M., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School, Concord, New Hampshire)
SUBJECTS:     Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc
                        Aircraft accidents


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