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Raskin, Ellen.
New York : E.P. Dutton, 1989.
IL 5-8  RL 7.0
ISBN  0525423206

(4 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

This book won the Newbery Award. A group of people are assembled for the reading of a the last will and testament of the very rich Sam Westing. All the people either live or work in the same apartment house. The will includes the following statement: “I Sam Westing, declare this to be my last will and testament and do hereby swear that I did not die of natural causes. My life was taken from me by one of you!” (Read some of pages 28-29). Sixteen players are possible heirs. All are suspects in the case. The one who discovers the villain’s identity wins $200 million.
(Odile Heisel., Library Media Specialist, Plains Elementary School , 225 American Legion Rd., Timberville, VA 22853)

Booktalk #2

Two hundred million dollars.  When Samuel W. Westing died, that was the amount of money left to the rightful heir of his fortune.  And who is that rightful heir?  That's exactly what sixteen people want to know!  These individuals have all been invited to solve a mystery in order to win the inheritance.  And what is that mystery?  Figure out which one of them is Westing's murderer!  Before long, it becomes clear that nothing in this "game" is going to come easily.  In fact, things become downright dangerous, and the players find themselves "imprisoned by fifteen-foot snowdrifts," with "no telephones," and "no electricity." (pg. 46)  These potential heirs get more than they bargained for in Ellen Raskin's THE WESTING GAME.  (Lisa Mathieu, Alton Central School, N.H.,

Booktalk #3

The Westing Game a mystery novel that will keep your head spinning to find out the answer in a game created by Sam Westing. A mastermind who brings together sixteen heirs and only gives them two clues. There are also people who seem to be people in which they aren't. In order to find out the answer in The Westing Game you'll have to read it and seek the one who shall win the $200 million dollars. That's right $200 million dollars.Try to stay focused though every bit will throw you off track. So put your wits to the test and figure out the answer. (Joseph , student, Musselman Middle School. Bunker Hill, WV

Booktalk #4

It is a cold night and the snow is just starting to fall outside. You are one of the 16 tenants of Sunrise Towers (a residential building) and you are sitting in the library of the Westing House. What are you doing there?  You have all been invited for the reading of the will of Samuel W. Westing, the eccentric millionaire. The following statement in the will heightens your curiosity and horrifies you at the same time. “I, Samuel W. Westing, herby swear that I did not die of natural causes.  My life was taken from me-by one of you!” (p. 34)
You look around, not wanting to believe you are in the same room as a murderer!  As the will continues to be read you find out you are one of the heirs to Samuel W. Westing’s estate, worth $200 million dollars.  You just have to solve the mystery of WHO murdered Samuel W. Westing.  Read, The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin, to get the clues and the rules to the Westing game that will lead you to the $200 million dollars.  (Tracey Jackson,  Palmer School - Long Island University)

SUBJECTS:     Mystery and detective stories.


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