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Qualey, Marsha
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1995
ISBN 0395726662
Border Baker is happy living in New Mexico when his father inherits the family home in Minnesota. Border does not look forward to moving yet again. After all, he's already moved six times during his sixteen years of life. That's all part of being a draft dodger's son. Dad insists that moving back to Minnesota will be good for both of them. How could Dad know what Red Cedar was like now? He hadn't been there since he left home to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. Dad's parents had turned their backs on him and never saw him again. Now Border, named after the Canadian border that kept Dad out of the war, is paying the price for his father's decision. Everywhere he goes, he's known as the draft dodger's son. Now to top it off, the U.S. has gone to war in the Persian Gulf. Can Border ever survive in this small Minnesota town?
SUBJECTS:     Fathers and sons -- Fiction
                        Conscientious objectors -- Fiction
                        Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 -- Fiction
                        Moving, Household -- Fiction


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