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Pratchett, Terry.
New York : HarperTempest, 2006
ISBN 0060890312
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Witching was really short of magic of the fancy, glittery variety. Not, it was mostly just plain hard work, and you needed help to learn, especially if you had a natural talent like Tiffany did. ‘Course sometimes Tiffany felt her talent was being a magnet for trouble. 
She’d been learning from Miss Treason who, at 113 was about 100 years older than Tiffany. Then, Miss Treason had taken Tiffany to the Morris Dance, the dance that brought in Summer. Oh, she had told Tiffany not to move or talk during the dance, but Tiffany, after all, was only 13. And, she was somewhat musically inclined. And, she realized the dance was out of time. There was a space in it where she should be, she knew it. The dance was in her bones, calling to her. 
She ran forward and jumped in, ignoring the glares of the six dancing men, being where they weren’t. Then a voice said “Who are You?” The beat came back, and six men crashed into Tiffany. 
Next thing she knew, the Wintersmith, the elemental who WAS Winter, was in love with Tiffany thinking she was the Summer Lady, the elemental who WAS Summer and had somehow been able to transform into winter. He wanted her to be his Queen and live with him in the land of Winter forever. He made each snowflake into a miniature Tiffany, winter got colder and colder. He made icebergs in the shape of Tiffany. Things had to be fixed. 
As for the Summer Lady, she was miffed at Tiffany for taking her role. She retired to the underground. Things were not looking well. 
It was definitely a job for a witch, especially since the witch had been the one who changed the story, and of course, a job for the Mac Nac Feegles!
(Sam Marsh, Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2009) 
SUBJECTS:     Winter -- Fiction.
                        Witches -- Fiction.
                        Fairies -- Fiction.

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