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Powell, Randy.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Grioux, 1999.
ISBN 0374377480
I'm sure you have all heard of the death of a famous rock star.  Be it Kurt Cobain or John Lennon, the death of a celebrity hits us all in different ways.  Some of us tend to take it personally.  Even though we have never met the person or really know about their private life, we think we know them and we feel a loss.  After Kurt Cobain's death, thousands of fans flocked to Seattle to pay tribute to him.  Even years after his death, people visit Elvis Presley's home to feel a link to him.  In this story, heavy metal  rocker Debbie Grennan has been dead for three years but the world is still listening to her songs.  When a famous band decides to play a tribute concert to her memory, Debbie's 15 year old son is asked to participate.  Grady agrees to do the morning radio show and is excited about the concert that night.  He is looking forward to hanging out with the band.  It's not his favorite band but his half-brother Louie is a big fan.  Oh yes, Louie.  I forgot to mention him.  He's mentally retarded and he lives with his father and step mother nearby.  Grady is living with his grandmother for now but knows that won't last.  Grady loves Louie but finds it hard to visit him.  Grady doesn't get along with Louie's stepmother one bit.  The argue about everything.  Grady wants Louie to come to the concert tonight but he knows there will be a terrible argument about it.  Can Grady convince her that Louie should be there?  Will Grady be able to get through the day without breaking down?  This is a story about a young boy coming to terms with the reality of his situation.
SUBJECTS:     Mothers and sons -- Fiction.
                        Brothers -- Fiction.
                        Mentally handicapped -- Fiction.
                        Rock music -- Fiction.
                        Seattle (Wash.) -- Fiction.


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