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Polon, Linda.
 Glenview, Ill. : Scott, Foresman, 1983.
ISBN 067316585X
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The Whole Earth Holiday Book by Linda Polon and Aileen Cantwell is a fascinating, enriching and enjoyable experience. It is packed with stories that can be used to introduce a wide variety of holidays in different cultures all over the world.
"The Korean day of thanksgiving ends with a traditional holiday song, Kang kang Suwolle. Girls join in a circle dance as they sing the song, which asks the moon for good luck. It is a happy way to end Chusongnal." Polon and Cantwell, P. 14
Chusongnal is the Korean day of thanksgiving. The word "Chusongnal" means "autumn night" in Chinese, and the holiday is usually celebrated in September.
All the Korean people celebrate Chusongnal. However, it is more special to the farmers, because it means to them a day of rest after the long, weary days of rice harvest. A farmers' band moves from one village to another, playing at each festival. The musicians wear long ribbons tied around their heads. They beat their drums, clang their cymbals, and shake their heads so that the colorful ribbons keep time to the music. Whereas people celebrate Chusongnal in the cities by visiting friends and exchanging gifts of food.  (Sawsan Mansour,, teacher)
SUBJECTS:     Holidays.
                        Creative activities and seat work.

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