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Pipe, Jim.
New York : Franklin Watts, 2017
IL 3-6, RL  5.9

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What can live thousands of years and can be found in many parts of the world? It is the amazing tree. Trees are astonishing in many ways. They are especially good for the environment. Not only do trees produce oxygen, but they also help keep the climate cooler by soaking carbon dioxide. They help prevent soil from being washed or blown away. Trees give us so many things. We enjoy their fruits, nuts, and spices. They provide us with wood for fuel and building. Thanks to trees, we have many useful paper products. We can even make medicines from trees. They are also very important as shelter and food for many types of creatures. Many insects live in the trees. Birds and small mammals eat the insects. Would you believe that in the Pacific Islands giant crabs climb up trees and drop coconuts to crack them open? If you go to southwest Morocco, you will be surprised to see goats on a tree. Goats enjoy the fruit of trees called argan trees so much that they climb them. Trees come in all sizes and shapes. Would you believe that the African raffia palm can grow leaves with the same length of a blue whale? Wow, that would be over 82 feet long! Do you know why the Amazon rain forest is called the lungs of the planet? Find the answer in this book and learn why trees are so incredibly important. (May Harn Liu,, librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Trees.

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