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Pinkwater, David Manus
New York : Putnam's, 1989
IL 5-8 RL 6.9
ISBN 0440413192
This is an unusual fantasy where a young boy is left to fend for himself when his parents take off for a second honeymoon. He decides to do all the things he's ever wanted to but couldn't -- ride the bus into the city, watch the late, late show on TV -- anything he wants. Strange things start to happen when the chicken man keeps showing up. He takes a cab and there's the chicken man. He rides the bus, there's the chicken man. He shops for a record -- there's the chicken man. Curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to take the chicken man up on his offer to guide him to an invisible island where lizards watch humans watching TV. Is chicken man a genius or just crazy? If you've ever tried to figure out if someone is for real, you'll enjoy LIZARD MUSIC.

SUBJECTS:     Science fiction


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