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Pinkney, Jerry.
New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1999
IL K-3 RL 5.2
ISBN 068815932X
Booktalk #1

Have you ever read the classic "The Ugly Duckling" before?  Here is a new version with a few added extras to catch your eye.  The book follows the seasons and the colors are beautifully captured which adds to the book.  A runin with a dog, a little old lady, and a generous man help the Ugly Duckling find his home. This story offers hope to those of us who feel the least bit different from others.  You will feel good about yourself when you read "The Ugly Duckling" by Jerry Pinkney. The beautiful watercolors make this book very special. (Karen Womack, graduate student,  <> )

Booktalk #2

Have you ever felt like you don't belong somewhere?  Do people sometimes treat you differently?  Do you sometimes feel like your friends don't want to play with you?

The ugly duckling in this story feels that way too.  He is born to a family of ducks, but he looks differently than they do.  Everyone says that he is ugly and they don't want to play with him.  But what they don't know is that this duck is "special" and he is going to have the last laugh.

Read The Ugly Duckling and find out what happens to this "lucky" ugly duckling!  :-)
(Marta Lopez,  Teacher Librarian

Booktalk #3

I would ask the readers if they have ever felt left out or unwanted. I would ask some of them to tell me their situations.  Then  I would ask if anyone had to ever change in order to fit in and why. Afterward, I would show illustrations of a baby chick, swan, dog and cat and ask them what animal it is.  Usually they would guess the swan wrong, and I would then tell them that looks can be deceiving. Afterwards, I would introduce this popular tale to children. ("Naomi Bates" <>)

SUBJECTS:      Fairy tales


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