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Petersen, P. J.
New York : Delacorte, 2004.
ISBN 0385902026

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

It all began in an Internet chat room.  Sara loves poetry and gets up the nerve to submit one to the poetry room for others to read.  The results are not good.  They seem to hate it.  Everyone except robcruise99.  He contacted her privately and thus begins the story.  The two begin an email relationship that we see develop email by email.  It is obvious that they are becoming more and more involved as the months go by.  It almost ends when Sara finds out that Rob is a resident of an exclusive camp for troubled youth.  But she believes in him and believes that deep down, he is a good person.  And then there is the disturbing email from one of Rob's friends at camp.  Sara just doesn't know who to believe.  Who is this person she is falling in love with?

Booktalk #2

It all starts very innocently. Sara ventures onto a poetry chat room and submits one of her own poems. Almost everyone that reads the poem hates it. The exception is robcruise99. He contacts Sara about her poem, and soon the two are emailing back and forth, and a relationship develops. In fact, the emails seem to suggest that the relationship is getting quite strong, but then Rob reveals an interesting fact about himself that might send Sara running. Teenagers tied to their computers and IM buddies will enjoy this fast-paced mystery/romance.  (Prepared by: Pam Lorentz for SCASL Young Adult Awards, 2008)

SUBJECTS:     Email -- Fiction.
                        Interpersonal relations -- Fiction.
                        Emotional problems -- Fiction.
                        Letters -- Fiction.


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