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Perry, Steve
New York : Bantam, 1992
ISBN 0553561200
Billie is a girl in her twenties who lives in a hospital.  She is always having nightmares about aliens on Rim, her home planet.  Then one day she has a meeting with a marine named Wilks who was in her dreams and he bails her out of the hospital.  He then explains to her that the aliens are real and they destroyed her planet -- she being the only survivor.  He also explains that he was the one who saved her on Rim, and that the hospital tried to brainwash her but it didn't work.  Billie and Wilks go to the aliens' home planet with a crew of androids to get a specimen for the government.  A well known assassin is following them and planning to use them as bait to get his own specimen.  The assassin gets a little more than he bargained for though and ends up paying the price.  Billie, Wilks, and one android are the only ones to get off the planet before they nuke it.  But when they get back to Earth, something is wrong -- very wrong.  If you want a science fiction novel with lots of action, read ALIENS : EARTH HIVE by Steve Perry.  Also look for other books in the series including Aliens: Nightmare Asylum and Aliens: The Female War.  (Travis P., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School, Concord, New Hampshire)

SUBJECTS:      Science fiction


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