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Pelzer, Dave.
New York : Health Communications, 1997
ISBN 1558745157
(3 booktalks)
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 Booktalk #1

                     The main character is Dave Pelzer. His mother, who is also a main character, beats Dave. The main problem was that Dave got abused and tortured a lot.
                       The lesson I learned was that there are people in the world that don't have feelings. The reader will always remember this book because of how sad it is. The theme is that if you keep trying, you will succeed.
                        This novel was a really good book. This book touched my heart and I can't believe a mother could dot that to their child. If I was a mother I wouldn't do those things.  (Adriana S., Student)

Booktalk #2

In the book The Lost Boy, there is a boy named David. In the previous book A Child Called It he was badly abused, and this book is the next book in the series. In this book David is still being abused. But he finds his way out, one day his mother and father got into an argument and his mother told him to leave. David didn't think his mother was being serious. He thought to himself that "this was to easy", to easy to excape from his mother. But David left and was a free boy. But got picked up by the police at a bar and then his fater can to get him and he was taken back into "The House". Then, he was taken out of school. There then was a trial for his case and he was taken away from his mother and put into foster care. He was then taken to a lady and her name was Mrs. Catanze and he lived there with se veral other children. He was then getting into trouble at Mrs. catanze house and was frounded. Will David be able to stay out of trouble and do things right or not? (Ashley Lynn Evans, student, Mansfield High School)

Booktalk #3

In the book The Lost Boy, by David Pelzer, Dave is a foster child looking for a permanent home. The cool thing about this book is everything that happened, happened to the author.
The Lost Boy is about the author as a young boy. He was taken from his mother because she was abusing him and was put into a foster home. David began to move from one foster home to another. Then, he had to go on trial to see if he could stay in foster care or go live with his mother again. But he had already become very close with one of his foster parents. Can he win the trial and will he stay with his foster parents he loves so much?
I think this was a really good book and recommend it to everyone. If you like nonfiction books and gut wrenching drama, this is a good book for you. I really enjoyed The Lost Boy and hope you do too. (Molly H., K-12 student)

SUBJECTS:     Pelzer, David J.
                        Child abuse -- Biography.
                        Children of alcoholics -- Biography.
                        Domestic violence -- Daly City (Calif.)
                        Foster home care.


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