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Peet, Bill.
New York : Houghton Mifflin, 1974.
IL K-3 RL 3.2
ISBN 0395311292
(Hold up cover of the book.)  This is a picture of my family.  (Point to a smaller Wump.)  This is me.  We are Wumps.  Our world is very small.  It was mostly grassy meadows, clumps of leafy green trees called bumbershoots, with a few winding rivers and lakes.  Our family lived so happily.   One morning we were awakened by this humming sound that turned into a roar.  We saw a great flock of potbellied monsters with tails and fins, spitting fire and shooting out streaks of black smoke.  Oh, we were frightened!  As these monsters landed we watched huge legs spring out and doors open.  Then a horde of tiny creatures came out of these big monsters right onto our meadow.  We found out that these aliens were Pollutians from the planet Pollutus.  They were here to take over our world!  They brought giant machines that gobbled up grass and trees.  They had diggers and scrappers and gigantic cranes.  They worked day and night building roads, cities, factories, and skyscrapers.  We were so frightened by the noise and destruction that we hid underground, until one day Wump World became quiet again.  Read about what my family of Wumps found as we came above ground to investigate. (Lorie Green. Library Media Specialist, Manor Hill Elementary, Liberty, MO
SUBJECTS:     Pollution -- Fiction
                        Science fiction


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