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Peet, Bill.
New York : Houghton Mifflin, 1980.
IL K-3 RL 3.7
ISBN 0395184703
Chester is a pig that doesn't want to be an ordinary pig that grows up to become someone's sausage at the breakfast table.  He wants to be a star!  What better place to become a star, than at the circus.  The only problem is that Chester doesn't have an act.  Chester sees a circus poster that has a seal bouncing a ball on its nose.  This gives him an idea!  He decides that his flat snout would be perfect for balancing.  So he practices and practices until finally he is able to balance his whole body on top of a fence post.  (Show the cover.)  After walking the railroad tracks following the circus train he is able to show off his talent, and sure enough he is asked to join the circus.  His dream seems to be coming true.  He gets to ride at the head of the grand parade, on a magnificent white stallion in the big top.  Unfortunately, this dream turns into a nightmare.  Chester finds out he must perform with five ferocious tigers!  When he faints at the sight of them he gets carried off stage and dressed as a baby to be put in the clown act.  Chester just can't handle this.  He escapes off the train and winds up being chased by a bear, and in the hands of three very hungry hobos.  Find out how Chester does indeed become a “worldly pig” and become famous after all.  (Lorie Green. Library Media Specialist, Manor Hill Elementary, Liberty, MO

SUBJECTS:     Pigs -- Fiction


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