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Peck, Richard
New York : Dial Books, 2001.
IL 5-8, RL 6.3
ISBN 0803725167

3 booktalks

Booktalk #1

This story takes place in rural Illinois in 1893.  Thirteen–yearold Rosie lives on a farm with her parents, her granddad and her siblings, Lottie and Buster.  When Aunt Euterpe invites the family to visit her in Chicago and attend the World’s Columbian Exposition their quiet life changes.  During the first 48 hours in Chicago, the clan manages to run off the household help and embarrass their aunt in front of some of Chicago's most prominent ladies. The grandfather is a little senile and cantankerous, and his antics will keep you laughing. Famous firsts are woven into this story such as the first Ferris wheel and the introduction of hamburgers and postcards.  Peck's unforgettable characters and fast paced action will keep you in stitches as a colorful chapter inAmerican history isrevealed.
Prepared by:  Edith Ley for South Carolina Children's Book Award

Booktalk #2

In 1893 in the city of Chicago perhaps the grandest of all the World's Fairs take place.  (Show double-page-spread photograph from title page of book or other photos from the World's Columbian Exposition).  Thirteen year-old Rosie Beckett, along with other members of her family, take their first-ever train ride from the quiet farm country of Southern Illinois to the grand city of Chicago.  The train tickets arrive in a letter from Rosie's wealthy Aunt Euterpe who lives in Chicago.  What spectacular adventures await the Beckett family in Chicago?  Read Fair Weather by Richard Peck and find out.  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)

Booktalk #3

My name is Rosie Beckett.  I live on a farm down in Christian County, Illinois.  Up till now, I've never moved faster than a horse can gallop, and I've never traveled outside the county.  Right now, July of 1893, I'm on a train going so fast everything outside the window is a blur, and I'm going to the big city of Chicago to visit the Chicago World's Fair.

How did this happen, you ask?  Well, my Aunt Euterpe, a rich widow in Chicago, who I have never met—has invited us to come and see the fair.  Mama was afraid to come herself, but she put me and Lottie and Buster on the train because she wanted us to have a chance to see the world.  I also think she wanted to get Lottie away from her new boyfriend who Mama thinks has a shady past.  Buster--my brother's the kind of kid who always has an animal in his pocket, is always snooping around where he shouldn't, and he likes to do funny things like putting toads in my bed. What is a kid like Buster going to do in the big, civilized city??

And now a total disaster has happened.  My cranky old grandfather, who was NOT invited to Chicago, has flagged down the train outside of town and come on board.  He's wearing a dirty white suit I've never seen before, a big-brimmed Panama hat, and he's carrying a walking stick!  Buster thinks it's great—Granddad has evened up the sides between the boys and girls.  But Lottie and I can see that this trip to Chicago could turn into a real disaster.  Is Chicago ready for the Beckett family? Come along with us and find out!  (Joanne Steckling, librarian,

SUBJECTS:     World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.) -- Fiction.
                        Chicago (Ill.) -- Fiction.
                        Family life -- Fiction.
                        Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917 -- Fiction.
                        Russell, Lillian, 1861-1922 -- Fiction.
                        Humorous stories.


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