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Patterson, James.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2010
ISBN 0316036196

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Booktalk #1

In the sixth book of the Maximum Ride series the romantic tension that has been building between Fang and Max is fully realized.  Maximum Ride is a genetically engineered teenage girl who can fly.  She and her flock of six similarly winged kids (Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel, who along with Max were all created as lab experiments) are constantly fleeing from authoritarian groups who want to kill them or use them for their own purposes. In this book Max and the Flock are called to Africa to provide humanitarian aid as part of the Coalitions to Stop the Madness. After they defeat rebels who are opposed to receiving help, Angel prophesies “Fang will be the first to die.” Max struggles to protect him and keep the group together. The other Flock members feel that Max and Fang’s feelings for each other are interfering with her ability to lead the group. At the same time Max is introduced to Dylan, who has been engineered to be her perfect match, which complicates her affections for Fang.  As the Flock flees from the evil scientist who has his own plans for them, the romantic triangle and their internal squabbles create unbearable tension.  Fang is a must-read for fans of the series. (Book Talk Author: Sharon Nehls, The Colorado Blue Spruce Award nominee 2012)

Booktalk #2

Good News: Max and Fang are in sync and totally together. Fang even gives Max a birthstone ring for her birthday!

Bad News: the evil scientist Dr. Gunther-Hagen is after Max so she can help in his genetic experiments to improve the human race.  he's even engineered a new bird kid for the flock, Dylan.  Actually, he's engineered Dylan to be Max's perfect other half.

Worse News: The flock doesn't like Max and Fang together.  Angel leads a revolt and takes leadership of the flock.  Angel also predicts Fang will be the first to die, and she's never wrong.

So, what choice does a leader-less Max have?  A trip to Vegas or to save her mutinous flock from the evil clutches of Dr. G-H?  To save Fang, Max may just turn her back on it all and live happily ever after in Vegas with Fang; if not for that pesky inner Voice that just doesn't let Max off the hook.

And even more troubling on the decision-making front, what does a girl like Max do when she's faced with having to choose between imperfect but passionate love with Fang or a perfect happiness with Dylan?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.  (Book Talk Author: Tobye Ertelt, The Colorado Blue Spruce Award nominee 2012)

SUBJECTS:     Genetic engineering -- Fiction.
                        Adventure and adventurers -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.

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