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Pascoe, Elaine.
New York : Henry Holt, 2005.
IL 3-6
ISBN 0805075283
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Have you ever gotten one of those emails that ask you to send it on to everyone you know?  I know I get them a lot.  It might be warning of a virus or telling me to send a get well card to a child who has cancer.  Usually, these emails are hoaxes.  A hoax is different from a practical joke in that it is meant to fool everyone -- not just one person.  Did you know that hoaxes have been going on long before the Internet?  In 1844, Edgar Allan Poe even created a hoax.  You may have heard of some of the hoaxes in this book.  Like the famous crop circles.  Or Big Foot.  But others may be new to you.  Some you may not even know are hoaxes.
SUBJECTS:     Impostors and imposture.


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