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Pascal, Francine.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2004.
ISBN 0689873328
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Myrna Fry can't believe this is happening to her!  She has been asked by none other than Jeanette Sue herself to have lunch with the RC!  This is what she has dreamed of.  Being accepted by the Ruling Class girls.  And to be invited by the queen of the RCs herself, this is truly a mementous day!  They said to meet them out by the tree and to bring sandwiches.  And Myrna has lugged those sandwiches around with her all morning.  But now lunch is just about over and the girls haven't shown.  Oh, wait a minute.  There they are.  Over by the school.  Myrna must have misunderstood where they were meeting.  She waves and sees them laughing.  Good, they don't seem angry.  When she starts over to catch up, they disappear into the school.  Maybe they didn't know it was her.  And now the door seems to be stuck so she can't get in.

Does this sound like the girls want to be Myrna's friends?  Or does it sound like they are teasing Myrna?  Well, Myrna keeps making excuses for them since she is desparate to be liked by them.  But the new girl is different.  It's not that she has such a strange name -- Twyla Gay -- and it's not that she's from Lubbock of all places.  It's just that she doesn't get that Myrna doesn't want to be her friend.  But Twyla doesn't get it.  And she gets Myrna's place in the pecking order also.  And she's determined to do something about it.

SUBJECTS:     Cliques (Sociology) -- Fiction.
                          High schools -- Fiction.
                          Schools -- Fiction.
                          Bullies -- Fiction.
                          Revenge -- Fiction.
                          Dallas (Tex.) -- Fiction.


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