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Parker, Natalie.
New York :  HarperTeen, 2014

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Thereís a swamp here in Sticks, Louisianaóa sinister, mysterious, hot, sticky swamp. We locals donít talk about it much. You might say we act like itís not even here. Way back, folks built a fence around the swamp. The fence is not to keep us out; no one has to tell you to stay away from there. No, the barrier is to keep the greedy swamp from snatching one of us for its own. Most people claimed by the Swamp never return, but those who do are either mentally or psychologically affected. Now my brother Phin is one of those unfortunate souls. Itís my fault. I was mad with him so I picked a fight. He stormed off, straight over the split rail fence, and straight into the swamp. Even the sheriff refused to look for him in there. It wonít do me any good to plead. No one remembers Phin. Itís like he was never even born. And whatís up with that girl, that swamp creature who walked right out of the swamp and under the fence claiming to be my sister Lenora May? She claimed his room. Now sheís driving his cherry red Chevelle. When I tried to explain to my parents that we needed to find Phin and that Lenora May was not my sister, they thought I was crazy. They even sent for the doctor, who of course was on their side. If Iím going to help Phin, Iíve got to go along with them on this. But maybe I am nuts. I know things about her. Her favorite color is purple. Iím starting to remember things about growing up with her. I will be strong. I will not let the swamp take away my memories of Phin. Iím running out of options. Old Lady Clary, whose family has known about the swampís secrets for years, refuses to help me. The only ally I have is Heath. He lost his best friend to the swamp when the car they were in slid off the road and his friend ended up in the edge of the swamp. Maybe together we can save Phin and Nathan. But one thing is certain. I will go into that vile, evil swamp to reclaim my brother, and I refuse to come back without him. As Iíve said before, the swamp has a way claiming anything or anyone who enters its territory, so I may not make it out. Whatever happens, remember those who have lost their lives or their minds to the swamp. To find out how my story ends, read Beware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker. (Prepared by: Melissa Mixon, McBee High School, South Carolina Young Adult Book nominee 2017)

SUBJECTS:     Brothers and sisters -- Fiction.
                        Louisiana -- Fiction.
                        Missing persons -- Fiction.
                        Supernatural -- Fiction.
                        Swamps -- Fiction.

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