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Paolini, Christopher.  
New York :Knopt, 2005
ISBN 037582670X
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Eragon and Saphira had helped defeat the urguls, and Ajihad were returning after a three-day hunt of those who had managed to escape through the dwarf tunnels. The nefarious Twins had accompanied the leader of the Varden to lend their magical skills, and Murtagh, the son of the traitorous Dragon Rider Morzan had gone along to continue proving his support of the Varden. Upon returning to Tronjheim, however, they and their companions were attacked by a band of Urgals before help could arrive. By the time Eragon arrived on Saphira, Ajihad was dying and everyone else was massacred except for the Twins and Murtagh, who had disappeared. Ajihad's daughter Nasuada was thus chosen to accept the leadership of the Varden at a very early age. Meanwhile Eragon's brother, Roran, found himself involved in a struggle to save the people of Carvahall from the evil Ra'zac, minions of Galbatorix who were determined to use him to find Eragon. Eventually it became clear that the only way any of them would survive would be to abandon their home and travel south to the land of Surda where Galbatorix was actively apposed. Eragon and Saphira were forced into agreeing to swear their fealty to the Varden, but managed to change it into swearing fealty to Nasuada as ruler instead. Then, they found themselves also with a commitment to the dwarf nation. Once that was all settled, they were finally allowed to travel to the land of the elves to receive instruction and training for their war against Galbatorix. There they discovered that they were to be instructed by an unsuspected surviving elf Dragon Rider and his Dragon. Was there time enough to train them adequately before Galbatorix decided to press the issue in person??? (From Booktalking Colorado, Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2006-2007
SUBJECTS:     Dragons -- Fiction.
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