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Overstreet, Edward

IL 5-8

Written by a Holy Cross Brother, this biography of St. Thomas Aquinas is the story of a humble man who dedicated his life to God.  Even before he was born, Thomas’ mother promised that if she bore a son he would be dedicated to God.  Thomas was born in 1224, a third son for his parents.  He was given a good education and in time decided to join the Dominicans.  Instead of this pleasing his mother, it greatly displeased her because she saw her son as a future pope and did not wish for him to be a poor Dominican.  She thought he should be Benedictine, which would bring greater prestige to the family name.  So determined was she that she had his brothers kidnap Thomas and imprison him in the family home.  But, rather than concede to his mother’s wishes, Thomas coverts his sisters to his cause and eventually is returned to his life as a Dominican.  Now, what Thomas loved most after God was knowledge.  At the University of Paris he was so quiet and studious that fellow students thought him to be stupid and started calling him the dumb ox.  It was not long, however, before his brilliance came out.  Thomas lived in a time when men reveled in knowledge and explored new ideas.  Thomas became famous as a philosopher, but remained humble.  Follow his example in your quest for knowledge.  To quote another famous theologian, Bishop Sheen, “…for the complete development of the mind, there must be serious and intelligent reading ­ not just reading. …Reading civilizes conduct and keeps it from becoming barbarous.”  (Mary Huebscher, Librarian, Holy Cross of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX


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